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Discover the secrets to retaining gym members and keeping them motivated with these proven strategies.

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- Gym members are more likely to stay if they feel a sense of community and participate in group classes.- Offering long-term membership packages increases retention compared to month-to-month agreements.- Active social media use, such as reposting member content and interacting with members, is an effective strategy for member retention.- Regular engagement with members, such as requesting feedback and reminding them of the benefits of their gym membership, helps retain members.

Retaining gym members is a difficult job, but an important one for the financial health of any gym. People can easily get discouraged, and motivation keeps a customer coming back for only so long. There are, however, some statistically proven factors that can help retain gym members. In this article, we will explore a few of them.

1. Community and Group Experience

As social creatures, we thrive in group settings. It turns out this goes for fitness as well. According to the IHRSA, memberships in traditional fitness clubs increased by only 5% between 2012 and 2015, while memberships in smaller specialty studios increased by nearly 74%. What makes small studios different? A group setting with a feeling of community. Another statistic supporting this fact is that, according to a Nielsen study, more than 85% of members attend their center twice a week specifically to take part in group classes. Both are reasons enough to consider cultivating group experiences within fitness facilities.

2. Longer Term, Greater Commitment

Another strategy to consider is offering long-term membership packages rather than short-term ones. According to the "One Million Strong" study, which looked at over 1.47 million participants from 456 fitness facilities in the US over a three-year period from 2012 to 2015, a higher rate of retention was seen among new members who signed 12-month membership contracts as opposed to those who signed month-to-month agreements with no commitment.

3. Active Social Media Use

Being active on social media is a must in this day and age as all of your members are probably active on social media one way or the other. According to a study by Loyalty 360, social media marketing was the most successful strategy for customer retention for more than 27% of the businesses surveyed recently. Reposting member content and tagging them, commenting, liking, sharing, starting a hashtag and interacting with members in general is a great, cost-effective strategy to help member retention.

4. Regular Engagement

According to an IHRSA report, every two interactions a gym personnel has with a member results in the member making an additional visit the following month, which lowers the likelihood that the member will cancel by 33%. Regular communication and engagement with members is another incredible strategy to use when it comes to member retention.

There are a couple of ways in which you can engage with your members. One of which is requesting feedback and reviews that allows you to both improve your services and gain visibility on online platforms in the form of testimonials. Another incredibly effective way is to remind members why they started their journey with you in the first place; the health benefits, the convenient proximity to their homes, etc.

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4 Gym Membership Retention Tactics - AI To The Rescue

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