4 Types of Product Recommendations That Will Boost Your Sales


Discover the power of product recommendations and how they can boost your sales by 11%!

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- Product recommendations can increase sales and customer satisfaction.- Research shows that product recommendations boosted product sales by 11%.- 49% of customers have bought a product they had not planned to after receiving a personalized recommendation.- Different types of product recommendations include best sellers, purchased together, discounts and promotions, and personalized recommendations.

Product recommendation is an area most businesses miss out on that is a sure way to increase sales and customer satisfaction if done right. Product recommendation engines appear to be very effective personalization tools as members of the supporting technologies made for online stores. Product recommendation benefits are proven by many research and polls. According to a research run by Anuj Kumar, a professor at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, product recommendations boosted product sales by 11%. Some statistics that prove the importance of this tool are as follows:

  • 49% of customers claim to have bought a product they had not planned to after getting a personalized recommendation.
  • Product suggestions were cited by 54% of retailers as the primary factor in the average order value of a customer's purchase.
  • 75% of clients are more likely to make a purchase based on product recommendations.

Having established how product recommendations can help improve your sales efforts there are a few different forms in which you can implement product suggestions to your business. Here are four of the many types of product recommendation you can incorporate to your business to increase profits.

1. Best Sellers and Top Rated

Best seller products are those that have proven to bring you business. Showing them to your customers puts the label of social approval on these products which appeals to our social conforming tendencies as humans. This is also an easier form of product recommendation as it doesn't require any tracking to be done on the customer end.

2. Purchased Together

Recommending products that compliment each other naturally allows interested customers to be aware of the whole package. For example if someone is looking to change up their skincare and they come to your website for a moisturizer which is recommended to be complementary to an amazing cleanser and toner, it will be tempting for them to try the whole package out.

3. Discount and Promotions

If one or more products are being sold at a discount, recommend them to your customers! Who doesn't love a good deal. Discounts have been a sales volume increase method since the beginning of trade so letting as many customers as possible know is only logical to do.

4. Personal Recommendations

This is where things get a bit more technical and might require you to utilize product recommendation engines but personalized (as we have explained in this blog post) will be one of the most effective recommendations you can make. Depending on the customer's purchase or browsing history, you can determine what types of product they tend to purchase and recommend them products that are alike or complementary.

How BHuman.ai Takes Your Product Recommendations A Step Further

With our platform's ability to create personalized videos at scale by spending the time and effort it takes to create just one. You can personalize even your generic product recommendations by addressing your customers personally.

You can address each and every one of your customers by name to explain your recommended products, thank them for their purchase, ask for feedback, provide customer support, offer promotions and so much more. The use cases are only limited by your imagination!

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4 Types of Product Recommendations That Will Boost Your Sales

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