4 Unconventional B2B Outreach Methods That Will Dominate The Future Of Marketing


Discover four unconventional outreach methods that can revolutionize your marketing and boost your conversions.

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- Traditional outreach methods are no longer effective and don't bring enough conversions.- Four unconventional outreach methods that have proven effective are social selling, hyper personalization, valuable call to action, and video format.- Social selling involves building relationships and nurturing connections with prospects on social media platforms.- Hyper personalization involves personalizing messages for high-value prospects to stand out and show genuine interest in their business.

We all know of the classical outreach methods, overused and barely effective at this point. Sending regular cold emails with a text that tries to convince prospects to have a call, trying to lure in people with vague promises as if they are signing a contract with the fae. If you are tired of your outdated methods that no longer bring enough conversions to keep up with your growth goals, then you are at the right place!


We have gathered four unconventional outreach methods that have already proven effective and can help you get ahead of the trends. Get in while they are still fresh, new and potent.

Social Selling

Assertive and direct selling out, building relationships and social selling in. The first method we will talk about is social selling, which entails developing relationships first before leading prospects further down the sales funnel.


Usually done on social media platforms, social selling includes engaging with your target audience on the social media platforms they most actively use and building a deeper connection with them. It allows for brands to create a community and nurture relationships, which in turn can evolve into business deals that are already based on connection and loyalty. This type of marketing creates customers with higher lifetime value due to their loyalty to brands. 

Hyper Personalization

People haven’t had time for generic cold emails that invite them to book a call with a brand they have never heard of for a while. Most of the time, they don’t even bother to open such emails, let alone read and reply. That is why hyper personalization is a highly effective method that can bring in those conversions you are looking for. 


Hyper personalization entails personalizing your message for high-value prospects before reaching out to them. This allows you to show the customer that you have done your homework and that you are specifically interested in their business, which helps you stand out. A few things to pay attention to when formulating a hyper-personalized email are:

- Make sure you mention their business and why you want to work with them.

- Provide valuable information and cut out unnecessary details.

- Keep some information for the call to inject curiosity.

- Establish a helpful tone rather than a pushy one to avoid sounding tacky.

Valuable Call To Action

We have been desensitized to the classic old call to actions we come across on every website, like "Book A Call" or "Sign Up Today." If you aren’t a well-established brand that people have already heard of, it is very unlikely that you will see substantial conversions. The method to go with to avoid being ignored is offering value to your prospects within your call to action. 


Your offer can be an educational booklet, a free short consultation regarding the service you provide, or the opportunity to sign up for a free webinar related to your business. Whatever the offer may be, providing value can actually become a selling point, even for prospects that didn’t have buying in mind. It is a great way of establishing your brand image as valuable. Even if a certain prospect might not be interested, the next time they need to suggest a provider to someone, you will be the first to come to mind as that brand.

Video Format

According to Wyzowl's research, 84% of people claim that watching a brand's video convinced them to purchase a good or service. Although it might not be the newest method on the market, it sure is underutilized for its effectiveness. As the attention span of people decreases with every passing day, long texts are becoming more and more obsolete. 


It is an amazing method for building trust and nurturing relationships, especially for cold leads. You can use video format in a variety of ways, including embedding short tutorial videos and introductions on your website, sharing explanatory videos on company pages, and, most importantly, reaching out to prospects with videos that differentiate you from the competition.According to Campaign Monitor, reaching out via video can increase your click through rate by 200% to 300%.

BHuman.ai - The Future Of Communication

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You can send personalized videos to your email list explaining to them how your services can benefit them while addressing them specifically, provide personal explanations and walkthroughs, send prospects direct messages containing a personalized video that invites them to check out your website, provide personalized promotions and customer support, and so much more.

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4 Unconventional B2B Outreach Methods That Will Dominate The Future Of Marketing

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