5 Reasons Why Nobody Is Replying To Your Cold Emails


Discover the secrets to getting responses to your cold emails and revolutionize your marketing strategy.

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- Cold emails are commonly used by marketers to reach out to prospects, but getting a response can be challenging.- Reasons why nobody is replying to cold emails include uninteresting subject lines, lengthy emails, lack of personalization, and no credentials provided.- To overcome these obstacles, it is important to have an interesting and concise subject line, keep the email short, personalize the message, provide credentials or proof of usefulness, and have a clear call to action.- Utilizing BHuman.ai, a platform that allows for personalized videos at scale, can greatly improve the effectiveness of cold emails.

A cold email is an initial email that is sent to a receiver with no prior contact to introduce your brand and possibly gain a benefit in terms of sales, opportunity etc. It is a commonly used method by marketers to reach out to prospects. However in today's online environment getting someone to notice your email amongst the hundreds of others and getting a response isn't as easy as it seems. Most people will only read the subject line before deleting your email and forgetting they ever got it. In this article we will list five reasons why nobody is replying to your cold email and show you how to overcome these obstacles.

1. Your Subject Line Isn't Interesting

The quality of your subject line and what will work best for your case will vary greatly however if your subject line is long, irrelevant and/or boring, it is most likely that your email will get deleted before ever being read. To find the best subject line for your case, you have to test a couple subject lines and see which one performs best. However, there are some general guidelines that will be helpful.

       • Keep your subject line short and simple.

       • Make your subject line interesting. One way you can do it by mentioning a solution you provide to a pain point.

       • Your subject line should answer the question "Why should I open this email?"

2. Your Email Is Too Long

I had a colleague that once told me he would sometimes delete a marketing email after seeing how long it was. People's attention spans are decreasing more and more in our day and age. People are chronically distracted by multiple information channels and are more busy than ever before. This means that they most probably don't have the time to read a long, unsolicited email. If your cold email is long and thorough, that might be the exact reason why most of your cold emails end up in the trash.

To overcome this obstacle try to keep your email short. It should only contain 2 to 5 phrases, totaling no more than 200 words. According to data provided by Woodpecker, 50–125 words is the ideal range.

3. Your Cold Email Isn't Personalized

Nobody cares for receiving a template message that obviously shows it was sent in bulk. If you are using a generic cold mail template that doesn't even mention a name, it is very likely that your cold mail will get an F- for effort and fail to get a response. To make your emails more personalized, at the very least try to mention the name of your prospect and their company. Explain to your prospects what you can do for them rather than only talking about your brand. Showing your prospects that you've done your research and you actually know about their business will get you further than you think.

4. You Provide No Credentials

In most cases with cold emails, your prospect has never heard of you and they are approaching your message with suspicion. They need to have a reason to trust you and further than that they need to believe that you can actually bring a solution to a problem they might have. One of the best things you can do is provide proof of your usefulness to your prospects. If your company already has success cases where you have helped customers to succeed, make sure you mention those. If you don't have a track record, you can mention some other products and services you provide or you can aim to increase your credibility by mentioning the qualifications and prior experience of your founder.

5. Your Call To Action Isn't Clear

You have prepared the best email body with the perfect ratio of pitching to introduction. You sent it to your prospect and they would love to give you a chance. Come to see, they don't know what to do next. Should they email you that they are interested? Maybe there is a link on your website? Perhaps you will send them another email containing instructions. They leave the email to figure it out later. Never to be seen again under the piles of emails they receive every day. To avoid risking situations like this, make sure you have a clear call to action telling exactly what they need to do if they are interested. You might be one clear and easy to do CTA away from gaining a new customer.

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5 Reasons Why Nobody Is Replying To Your Cold Emails

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