5 Steps To Building Trust In Financial Services (AI Hack Inside)


Discover the 5 steps to build trust with your customers in the finance industry.

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- 53% of adults feel anxious about finance, highlighting the need for trust in financial services.- Transparency is crucial in building trust, including providing relevant information and being clear about products and services.- Showing attentiveness and genuine care for customers helps build trust and reassures them about the services.- Customer education and guidance can alleviate anxieties and give customers a sense of control over their finances.

Finance is a scary concept if you don't know much about it. In fact, 53% of adults say finance makes them anxious, according to the 2018 FINRA Report. It has lots of terms and numbers but no real guide on how to interpret them. We're at the hands of our consultants and accountants, hoping they really do know best.

What does this mean for financial services? That you have a lot of responsibility, and building trust with your customers is of the utmost necessity. Below are five steps to help you build a trusting relationship with your customers.

1. Transparency

If you want any chance at building trust with your customers, you have to be very transparent with them. The perception of an absence of transparency in financial institutions is one of the main reasons for the lack of trust on customers' end. Transparency is a must in all areas too, from products and services available to a customer to terms and conditions. Providing customers with all the necessary and relevant information is an effective way of increasing their trust.

2. Attentiveness

Showing genuine care to customers is the basis of building trust in any customer service strategy. Being available when needed, demonstrating that you have your customers' best interests at heart, and responding to questions and concerns in a timely manner reassures your customers about your services. There is no better way of building trust than by showing you care.

3. Customer Education

One of the main reasons why customers lack trust in financial services is because they don't know much about them. Feeling left in the dark raises people's anxieties. Therefore, taking on a consultative role and guiding your customers through their goals and desired achievements is a perfect way of eliminating those worries. Consumers desire guidance built on trust to assist them in making plans and preparations for their financial security. This gives them a feeling of control over their finances too.

4. Humanization

Although technology can be utilized to enhance experiences, when it comes to engagement, brand satisfaction, and loyalty, the driving force is the human element. In the end, people trust each other. Trusting a corporation isn't the easiest, but putting a familiar human face on it makes it much easier for people to feel at ease. Incorporating human interactions at appropriate touchpoints is a great way of strengthening the trust between you and your customers.

5. Personalization

The demand for personalization is increasing by the day for more and more industries. With the technologies available to us today and all the data customers are willing to share, personalization at scale is made possible. Personalization is a great strategy for building trust as it puts the customer at the center, making them feel individually cared for rather than as if they were just another hay in the stack. This kind of special attention in turn increases customers' trust in your business and your operations.

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5 Steps To Building Trust In Financial Services (AI Hack Inside)

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