5 Ways To Personalize Customer Experience In Hospitality (Using Video As Your Secret Weapon)


Discover how BHuman.ai's personalized video solution can revolutionize your hospitality business and boost customer loyalty.

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- BHuman.ai has developed a video solution that allows personalized video messages to be sent to each guest in the hospitality sector.- The video messages can be used for various purposes such as welcoming guests, creating a sense of urgency to book, collecting feedback, and providing customer support.- The personalized videos can help increase bookings, boost customer loyalty, and drive up sales through targeted promotions and upselling.- The video solution creates a human connection and a warm welcome for guests, improving the overall customer experience.

It’s no secret that giving your guests the warmest welcome is key to your success in hospitality. It takes a personal approach to make your customers feel valued, welcomed, and cared for. But how do you achieve that at scale?


At BHuman.ai, we understand that creating a personal connection with all of your customers is one of the biggest challenges in the hospitality sector. That’s why we’ve developed a video solution that’s transforming the way you can personalize your customer experience. Using AI technology, we create video messages that can be personalized for each one of your guests, with a real, human feel. With examples in post purchase; upselling; collecting feedback; and providing customer support, we’re excited to tell you all about the ways BHuman.ai videos can increase your bookings and boost customer loyalty.


1. Give Every Guest A Human & Warm Welcome 

For your team, it’s as simple as choosing someone to feature in your welcome video message, maybe someone in leadership, a celebrity influencer or a front-of-house team member. From one simple video template, we’ll do the rest to automatically personalize and share your welcome video with every customer who makes a booking. What better way to put a human face to your company name, greet your guests, and make them feel valued and cared for?


2. Create A Sense Of Urgency To Book A Room Before It Goes Away

With our technology, you can send a personalized video to customers on your website who have looked at an experience without making a booking. Imagine a video from the front desk saying, "Hi Macy, this is Maria from the front desk. I saw you were looking at our Executive Suite. Seven other people were looking at this same room, and these go quickly, so I wanted to check in and see if you’d like me to reserve this for you now. " You’ll re-engage leads in an impactful way, creating customer loyalty and driving up your bookings.


3. Collect Better Feedback 

We can help you reach guests to ask how they felt about an experience with a personalized video message that feels like a real, human conversation. Your guests are more likely to watch your message and click to provide their feedback.


4. Hyper Targeted Promotions, Up-Sells And Cross-Sells

There’s a huge amount of value in using our video messages to upsell, cross-sell, or provide a promotion—keeping guests coming back for more. We can personalize one video template to be sent to an unlimited number of guests with an engaging message: "Hi James, I know you loved your last trip to Florence, but you haven’t been to Italy in five years! That’s almost criminal! Have you been to Sicily yet? I have just the place to show you. " Adding personalized updates for cash-back and other promotions will help treat your loyal customers like royalty, showing members they’re valued and cared for.


5. Provide Customer Support 

Create personalized videos for tickets that can be easily answered with on-hand information, making customers feel special and cared for. An automated video response will reduce the customer wait time and free up your agents to focus on more complex and challenging cases.


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Our video solution is changing the way you can personalize customer experiences on scale, creating a human connection and a warm welcome every time. 

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5 Ways To Personalize Customer Experience In Hospitality (Using Video As Your Secret Weapon)

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