AIPC's Game-Changing Campaign using BHuman to Influence Fortune 500 Executives


Discover how AI Partnership Corp (AIPC) revolutionized business connections and growth using personalized video messages.

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- AI Partnership Corp (AIPC) specializes in AI solutions for various industries and aims to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.- AIPC collaborated with BHuman to generate and distribute personalized video messages to Fortune 500 executives, highlighting the benefits of AI in their industry.- BHuman's platform allowed AIPC to efficiently connect with industry executives, saving time and resources.- The personalized nature of the video messages, incorporating recipients' LinkedIn profiles, fostered meaningful conversations and generated warm meetings with executives.

AI Partnership Corp, AIPC, is a firm that specializes in AI solutions for a variety of industries. AIPC's main goal is to encourage organizations to use the power of AI to streamline their operations, enhance their customer experiences, and drive growth. In order to provide specialized AI solutions that support their objectives, AIPC closely collaborates with its clients to understand their distinct business needs.

Overall, AIPC is spearheading the AI revolution, with its goal to provide businesses with the most advanced AI tools so they can achieve their objectives and stay competitive in the present fast-paced digital economy. For a recent campaign, AIPC leveraged BHuman’s very intuitive platform to reach out to and create connections with executives from various industries. 

AIPC and BHuman

AIPC successfully utilized BHuman’s platform to generate and distribute personalized video messages to directors across various industries. Their main aim was to target Fortune 500 executives to start a conversation around how AI could be beneficial in their industry. AIPC simply connected their data (names of executives, their industry & their LinkedIn profiles) with BHuman, recorded a template video and generated thousands of personalized videos to send to each recipient. All they had to do was fill in names of each of the executives on our spreadsheet after uploading their template, and our AI did the rest. 

What's more, with BHuman's latest background mode feature they were able to further enhance the personalized nature of the video messages, by incorporating the recipient's LinkedIn profile into the video's background. Making each message more visually engaging and distinctive. This feature allowed AIPC to highlight specific aspects of the recipient's professional experience, creating a deeper connection and fostering more meaningful conversations.

In conclusion, using BHuman allowed AIPC to efficiently connect with several industry executives in only a fraction of the time and resources it would have taken them to do so without our AI. 

AIPC's campaign successfully generated warm meetings with Fortune 500 executives and directors showcasing the company's out-of-the-box approach to business connections and growth. This was widely appreciated by each recipient, as seen here in a few selected responses: 

Why does it work? 

BHuman's approach of using AI-generated personalized video messages to connect with executives worked for the same reasons why BHuman as a platform is successful. Here’s why: 

1. Personalization. BHuman believes in fostering human connections at scale. BHuman’s AI-generated videos for AIPC were customized to each executive, addressing them by name and incorporating information about their industry. This personalized touch made the videos feel more genuine and relevant to the recipient. Personalization is of great importance to consumers. According to McKinsey & Company, companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue from similar activities than average players do.

2. Innovation. BHuman’s approach of personalized messages through video is a relatively new and innovative approach that caught the attention of these executives as stated by their response. 

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AIPC's Game-Changing Campaign using BHuman to Influence Fortune 500 Executives

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