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Discover the power of trigger marketing and how it can revolutionize your marketing efforts.

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- Trigger marketing automates the marketing process by using preset events to perform specific actions, such as sending marketing messages to customers or leads.- Triggered emails and mobile push notifications are significantly more effective than batch emails and blast notifications, with higher click rates and conversion rates.- Trigger marketing is effective because it allows for relevancy and selective attention, personalization through automation, and improved customer care.- is a platform that revolutionizes trigger marketing by allowing for personalized videos at scale, creating a hyper-personalized and interactive customer experience.

What Is Trigger Marketing?

Trigger marketing is a marketing technique that automates the marketing process with the help of automation software where preset events, often known as "triggers," cause a particular action to be performed such as a marketing message to be sent to a customer or lead. It uses a very simple logic of "if this happens then do this". You can define and set triggers for any event in the customer's lifecycle. This technique allows you to send your leads and customers the ideal message, at the ideal time, based on any event that can be predefined in line with customer behavior patterns.

Why Is Trigger Marketing So Effective?

According to data provided by Blueshift, on average, triggered emails are 497% more effective than batch emails. They have 4.6x the click rate, and a 5x the conversion rate compared to batch emails. Also, triggered mobile push notifications are 1490% more effective than batch and blast mobile push notifications on average. Trigger marketing is very obviously more effective than a gut feeling approach and there are a few factors that make it so effective.

Relevancy and Selective Attention

One of the main theories of selective attention suggests information that is most relevant to us is likely to be selected for our attention. It’s the phenomenon that allows us to hear our name being mentioned across the room in a crowded party. We pay attention to what is relevant to us. Trigger marketing allows marketers to take relevant actions at the relevant times because it is reasoned by the actions, behaviors and data of customers themselves.

Pros Of Automation

As human beings we have a tendency to forget and miss out on a lot of things. The good thing about automation is that software, unlike humans, doesn't forget to send a discount email when it's a customer's birthday. Automation allows us to utilize every opportunity to communicate and connect with customers. And unlike regular automation, trigger based automation also builds personalization into the process which is always a positive for connecting with customers.

Customer Care

Customizing any business process to the actions, behaviors and information about your customers helps you build connections better than any generic process. It provides your customers with the feeling of being seen and cared for. Your clients will feel that you understand what they need and are making sure they receive it when you send them personalized messages that are highly relevant and perfectly timed. This kind of connection leads to eventual customer loyalty that drives repeat purchase and an overall community around your brand.

How Is Revolutionizing Trigger Marketing

Did you know that including a video in your email can triple your click through rate or that 93% of companies report having more success in converting prospects into customers when they personalize their marketing? What if we said you can combine these two conversion boosters with the help of With every trigger based campaign has been a wild success.

Our platform allows you to create personalized videos at scale by spending the time and effort it takes to create just one. Our AI technology does the hard work for you allowing you to personalize your communication efforts even on massive scales so that you can provide all of your customers the care and attention they deserve.

You can personalize the entire experience for your customers with hyper personalized trigger marketing. Imagine a user lands on your site and signs up. While signing up they tick the box that asks for a demo and in mere minutes they get a personalized demo video in their mailbox. After one week without a response you automatically send every prospect a video addressing them specifically and offering them further clarifications. They get a video on their birthday wishing them happy birthday with a gift discount, video when they buy, video when their package is out for delivery, video when they abandon a cart.

Sign-up for our platform today at to start utilizing a bi-directional, hyper personalized, interactive customer experience. Stop missing out on the formula for connection and loyalty!

To learn more about the other ways you can utilize visit our site at You can also contact us at and we will be happy to inspire you in all the ways you can use to improve your marketing efforts. Sign up for our platform today at

Automated Hyper Personalization: Trigger Marketing With

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