How Domway CEO Revolutionizes Real Estate Marketing with BHuman Integration


Discover how integrating cutting-edge AI technology revolutionized real estate marketing and transformed lead generation.

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- Dominick Beras, CEO and founder of Domway, integrated AI technology from BHuman into his real estate marketing strategies, revolutionizing lead generation.- Domway used BHuman for their clients and their own B2B outreach, streamlining their workflow and scaling their efforts.- BHuman's nurturing capabilities have been instrumental in building honest and personal connections with buyers from Europe.- Domway has experienced a 20% improvement in engagement, response rates, and conversion rates since integrating BHuman, and plans to continue exploring the potential of AI in their marketing strategies.

Like many industries, the world of real estate marketing is ever-evolving. Thus, staying ahead of the game is crucial to success for any business. Dominick Beras, the CEO and founder of Domway, understands the importance of innovative strategies and generating high-quality leads. This drive led him to discover and integrate the cutting edge AI technology of BHuman into his business. The decision has proven to be a game-changer for Domway, revolutionizing real estate marketing and transforming the way they generate leads. 

In our latest User of The Week interview with Dominick Beras, we delve into his experience with BHuman and the impact it has had on his company and the real estate industry as a whole.

Discovering BHuman.

​​When Dominick heard about BHuman and its capabilities, as an entrepreneur always seeking innovative and strategic ways to enhance his business, he quickly recognized the potential of integrating BHuman into his marketing strategies. Not only did Domway use BHuman for their clients, but they also leveraged it for their own B2B outreach, streamlining their workflow and scaling their efforts.

Dominick’s company focuses on attracting buyers from Europe, by building honest and personal connections, and BHuman's nurturing capabilities have been instrumental in building these relationships. The company plans to expand their use of BHuman to the multiple languages BHuman offers, to spark interest of buyers in other parts of Europe. 

Dominick and his tech-savvy team have used BHuman for a while and can now confidently maneuver their way around the platform. We asked Dominick what his favourite feature on the platform was and without hesitation he said it is the lead check-ins and lead introduction capabilities. Domway strategically implements a five-minute delay after a lead expresses interest in Dubai real estate, ensuring a more realistic experience. This delay is followed by a personalized video introduction from the owner, fostering a bond with prospects even before conducting business.

Innovative Use of BHuman

Dominick Beras has taken his use of BHuman to the next level by integrating it with WhatsApp, a widely-used communication tool within the real estate industry. By leveraging their own software and connecting it to BHuman, Domway sends videos directly through WhatsApp, making it appear as if the video is sent from the photo gallery, adding a personal touch and enhancing the user experience. This innovative approach showcases Domway's commitment to staying ahead of the curve and finding unique ways to leverage technology for their advantage. 

According to Dominick, Domway has experienced significant results since integrating BHuman into the company’s operations. The platform has delivered increased engagement, response rates, and conversion rates across the board, a remarkable 20% improvement in these crucial metrics. Dominick’s future plans include continuing the exploration of the potential of AI as well as BHuman to further enhance their marketing strategies and reach a broader audience around the world. 

We always ask our users about what they would say to those who maintain reservations regarding the use of AI within their businesses, and Dominick provided a logical and compelling reply to this question. He emphasized the importance of embracing new technologies in this day and age. He believes that AI is revolutionizing the industry and those who adapt and leverage its capabilities will come out on top. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Dominick encourages professionals to recognize the value of AI in outsourcing workflows and increasing efficiency. 

“Survival of the fittest applies to businesses as well, and those who are open to innovation and willing to utilize new tools will gain a competitive edge.” 

— Dominick Beras, CEO and Founder, Domway. 

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How Domway CEO Revolutionizes Real Estate Marketing with BHuman Integration

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