How to Build an E-Commerce Website That Sells


Discover the secrets to building a successful e-commerce website that really sells, from professional photography to personalized videos.

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- E-commerce is a growing industry where people can earn money by selling products through websites and platforms.- To build a successful e-commerce website, it is important to create a platform that attracts the targeted customer segment and converts casual shoppers into loyal customers.- Using professional photography to showcase products and telling a unique story can make a website stand out.- Strategies to avoid abandoned carts include sending emails, texts, and messages to convince customers to complete the checkout, and creating videos to connect with visitors and showcase products.

There aren’t many people that haven’t heard the term "e-commerce" nowadays. Ecommerce has been integrated into our daily lives, from grocery shopping to electronics. The e-commerce industry is an actively growing industry with huge potential where millions of people around the world are earning an eye-catching amount of money simply by selling different products through their websites and platforms. So how are they doing it? And how can you build an e-commerce website that really sells?


Building an e-commerce website is by no means difficult. There are many e-commerce solutions that will do most of the work for you. To build a successful e-commerce website, however, you need more than a domain name and a product list. You need to create a platform that draws the attention of your targeted customer segment. Your website needs to be a place that can create an experience that will strengthen your brand, draw in new customers, and convert casual shoppers into loyal customers. Here are some things you can do to make your website stand out.



Use professional photography to showcase your products.

Many online store owners underestimate the impact that a professional showcasing of their products can have in the eyes of a customer. Good photography highlights the unique features of a product and makes it seem different and more attractive. It is important to showcase your products as best as you can to make visitors want to almost reach in and grab your product through the screen!



Tell a unique story.

Try associating your brand or products with a unique story, something relatable or interesting that catches the attention of visitors, something that will bring added value to your brand and website. Having a story that only you can tell will make your brand unique and differentiate it from all the other competitors. For example, a jewelry brand that encourages visitors to be different, unique, and curious about who they are, is selling more than just jewelry; they are also selling inspiration and a message that the customer can relate to.



Avoid abandoned carts.

Abandoned carts are a true tragedy, where the buyer is interested, adds the product to their cart, but loses interest somewhere in the process. Some of these reasons are:

Extra Costs: A large number of buyers lose interest once they see they must pay extra for tax and shipping.

Mandatory Account Creation: Creating an account requires an effort that not many shoppers are willing to give.

Payment Concerns: Some customers are reluctant to give their credit card information to websites out of safety concerns.

Sending abandoned cart emails, texts, and messages to customers in an effort to convince them to complete the checkout is a strategy that many e-commerce firms use. Good tactics include creating a catchy subject line, providing discount codes, including positive customer reviews, and reserving items for the consumer.



Create videos to connect with your visitors.

Creating videos that showcase your products or give instructions on the products is a great way to attract visitors' attention. Through your videos, you can show and tell visitors what you can’t with just mere images. For instance, many cosmetic brands create entertaining tutorial videos that show the product they are selling in action. Because the visitor does not have to wonder how the product will work and look in real life, they are more likely to click "buy."



One step ahead with personalized videos.

Having videos on your website that showcase your product is great, but sending personalized videos to customers and visitors is even better. By sending your visitors and customers personalized videos, you’re doing something that most brands aren’t, making your customers feel valuable and important.


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How to Build an E-Commerce Website That Sells

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