How To Write A Call To Action Your Customers Can’t Help But Click


Discover the secrets to crafting irresistible calls to action that will skyrocket your marketing success!

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- A strong call to action (CTA) is critical for the success of a marketing campaign.- A CTA is a cue that tells the audience what action to take, such as clicking a link or button.- Tips for crafting a powerful CTA include delivering a low-pressure but high-value offer, creating a sense of urgency, highlighting the value proposition, and keeping the message simple.- CTAs should also be included in video content, and personalized videos have been proven to triple the success of a CTA.

A call to action (CTA) drives your audience to take a desired action, boosts conversion and increases revenue. So it’s no secret that a strong call to action is critical to the success of your marketing campaign.

A call to action is a verbal or written cue that tells your audience exactly what to do next. Usually by clicking a link or button, a call to action has the potential to encourage customers to buy, book, donate, download and much more. 

The options for the action are endless. But with research showing that the average CTA gets a response of 4.3% across all industries, what matters most is understanding how to write a CTA that your customers can’t resist clicking. The BHuman team is here to help, and we put our heads together to provide five tips for crafting a powerful call to action.

1. Low commitment, high value

Deliver a low-pressure but high-impact CTA that is clear, concise, and packed with value. You want your CTA to be a no-brainer that’s nearly impossible to say no to, and requires almost no effort to engage with.

2. Build in a sense of urgency

No one likes to miss out on a good deal or opportunity. Build a sense of urgency into your call to action by encouraging customers to act ‘Now’ or by offering a deal for a limited time only, like ‘Sale Ends Tomorrow!’.

3. Value proposition

Tell your audience what’s in it for them if they click. Maybe you will show them a car they will love, arrange a viewing at their dream property or provide an instant download of your publication. 

4. Keep it simple

Once you’ve decided on an action, outlined your value proposition and built a sense of urgency, keep the rest of your message simple! Try not to overwhelm your audience with extra information and remove any barriers for clicking that all important button.

5. Unlock the power of video

CTAs aren’t reserved for written content and should always be included in the video content you produce too. The trick is to keep your goal and CTA consistent throughout the video and in any accompanying copy. By presenting your CTA verbally and visually, how could your audience miss it?

How is changing the CTA game with personalized video

Can you imagine delivering your call to action with a personalized video to each one of your customers? With our technology, you can record one video template that’s personalized at scale for your whole contact list. It’s personal, effective and proven to more than triple the success of your call to action. 

Visit now to begin creating powerful marketing videos with a personal call to action that your customers can’t help but click. You can also contact us at and we will be happy to inspire you in all the ways you can use to improve your marketing efforts. 


How To Write A Call To Action Your Customers Can’t Help But Click

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