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- helps HR teams recruit candidates by sending personalized videos inviting them to apply for positions, increasing application rates and attracting high-profile recruits.- The platform allows HR teams to decline candidates in a humane way by sending them a video with a personal message, which can have positive long-term effects on brand image and future recruitment opportunities.- enables personalized employee onboarding by creating personalized videos at scale, allowing leadership to personally welcome new employees and provide training materials.- The platform fosters a sense of belonging by allowing CEOs or corporate influencers to send personalized video messages to all employees, boosting morale and communicating the company's vision.

Human resource (HR) management is arguably the most important operation in any organization. Employees are the building blocks of any organization, and the HR department is what holds these blocks together, aligning them in the right direction under organizational values, which isn't always easy to do.

When it comes to human interactions, misunderstandings and confusion are only natural. Especially with organizations that work at greater scales, where orienting and communicating with every employee thoroughly might not always be possible. That is why in this article we will explain some of the ways helps out the human resources team do so.

1. Recruit Candidates

With, you can recruit candidates on LinkedIn and other platforms by sending them personalized videos inviting them to apply to positions that might be a good fit for them. A direct invitation from the HR team can increase application rates and encourage high-profile recruits to consider a position due to the personal attention they have received.

2. Reject Candidates Humanely

You can also decline candidates in the most humane way possible by sending them a video with a personal message thanking them for their time and inviting them to apply for the next round. Such attention to detail is great for long-term effects regarding brand image and future recruitment opportunities.

3. Personalize Employee Onboarding

With our platform's ability to create personalized videos at scale from one template video, you can even have the leadership onboard every new employee and have them personally welcome recruits to the company. You can send new employees personalized welcome videos, explain the onboarding process, share with them preliminary information about protocols, and provide personalized training videos.

4. Foster a Sense of Belonging

Having your employees work for a cause they believe in and feel like a part of is the recipe for success. Creating a feeling of community and belonging can encourage your employees to work wholeheartedly and aspire to help carry the company one step further. is an amazing platform for this, as it allows you to boost employee morale and communicate vision with personalized video messages from the CEO/President/corporate influencer to all of the employees at the time and effort it takes to record a single video.

5. Address and Correct

With, you can send personalized videos out to employees to rectify problematic behaviors, correct issues that are born out of misunderstanding and faulty information, and address commonly made mistakes to avoid possible future errors. Addressing employees personally for critical matters increases the gravity of the issue and assures that it will be seen as important.

6. Recognize and Reward

Last but not least, with, you can acknowledge and reward employee performance. You can personally tell your employees they are doing a great job and you are thankful. You can celebrate their individual accomplishments. You can provide all of your hard-working employees with the attention and the care they deserve.

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HR Management With Automated, Human and At Scale

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