Know, Like, Trust Factor: Ultimate Steps To Building Lifelong Customer Relationships


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- The "know, like, trust" factor is a fundamental principle in marketing for building lifelong customer relationships.- The first step is getting customers to know your brand by investing in a digital marketing strategy that conveys your company's story and mission.- The second step is to be authentic and true to your values to attract your target customers and be liked by them.- The final step is building trust by being available to help customers, being consistent with services, and showing genuine care. Sharing testimonials and success cases can also help build trust.

The "know, like, trust" factor has been around for some time now. It is one of the fundamental principles adopted by the marketing community as a must for lifelong customers. It provides us with a narrative that opens the door to a customer’s heart. The "know" part is the first step, which signifies getting the customer to know about your existence, about your services and products, etc. Once the customer knows you exist, they will decide if they like you, and if they do, the third and final step will come into play, where you will have to earn their trust. 

It is important to facilitate the know, like, and trust factors into your marketing strategy as it helps you further customer relationships. In a world where everyone is trying to sell something to someone, building genuine relationships with customers is the main thing that helps us differentiate and remain profitable in the long-run.


The first step of the know, trust, and like factor (which we can liken to a funnel) is getting potential customers to know you. Not on a name and purpose basis, but to really get to know your brand. That is exactly why you should invest in a digital marketing strategy that conveys the who, what, when, where, and why of your company, especially if you sell products online. 

Share your story, show your team, give your prospects a real face they can connect to so that they truly know you. When conveying your brand, you have to be authentic and true to your mission so as to attract the right customers and repel the unfit ones.


This is where your authenticity pays off. You want to attract your target customer base, which is why you shouldn’t go with a generic narrative that tries to make everyone like you. People can differentiate fake customer service friendliness from genuine personality, and you should aim at being liked by your target customers rather than being perceived as okay by everyone. 

Ensure that your story is authentic and that your values and beliefs shine through. People can’t love a brand in the generic sense, but they can love the things it signifies. Make sure those things are as clear as possible.


Building trust might not be the easiest stage in this funnel, but it is the most rewarding because it creates the basis of your community. There are a few key elements that facilitate trust. The main ones include being always available to help customers, being consistent with services, showing the customer that you truly care by putting in the effort and communicating.

A more marketing-related area of building trust includes sharing testimonials and success cases to leverage the social proof effect. Still, the best way of building trust with customers remains to show you truly care.

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Know, Like, Trust Factor: Ultimate Steps To Building Lifelong Customer Relationships

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