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Discover the pros and cons of written communication and how combines the best of both worlds.

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- Communication has evolved over time, with a significant shift towards written communication on the internet.- Statistics show that people in the US send and receive more texts than they make and receive calls, and spend more time texting than calling.- The pros of written communication include its ease of accessibility, reduced stress in discussing difficult topics, the ability to record and refer back to conversations, and the ability to multitask.- However, there are also cons to written communication, such as the potential for misinterpretation, the impersonal nature of the medium, and the potential for distractions.

Communication is very important for our species. As social creatures that live in groups, we have been utilizing communication since day one. It is very important for sharing information, building connections and overall existing in communities. However the nature of communication changes with the times. From unintelligible sounds and movements to language to phones and to the internet, communication has indeed evolved a lot.

Today a lot of the communication we have with people takes place on the internet. We seem to prefer to connect with people from behind a screen. According to statistics shared by TextMagic:

      US smartphone users send and receive five times more texts than they make and receive calls.

      On average, Americans spend 26 minutes per day texting compared to 21 minutes per day calling.

      Over 68% of consumers said they text more than they talk on their smartphones.

The younger generations move towards written communication more and more. But what are the pros and cons of this communication shift?

Pros Of Written Communication

1. Easier

Written communication is more easily accessible. You can send a written message anywhere anytime while calls require a fairly quiet, private space and some time to spare.

2. Less Stressful

Written communication is less stressful especially when it comes to talking about uncomfortable and difficult topics because we can not really see or hear the reaction of the person we are talking to. It alleviates that empathetic stress that comes with face to face communication.

3. Long Lasting

With face to face communication or calls, there is always the chance of missing out some points or forgetting them after the conversation is over. With written communication the entire conversation is recorded therefore you can always get back to it and refresh your memory. It prevents loss of information.

4. You Can Multitask

Due to the fact that it doesn't require as much effort and time as other forms of communication, it allows you to multitask too. You can text while doing another activity as long as it doesn't require constant and heavy focus.

Cons of Written Communication

1. Misinterpretation

Due to lack of facial and vocal cues, written communication makes space for misinterpretations. We can often take various words and formats negatively, causing tension in the conversation. A certain sentence that has negative connotations to us might have positives for someone else and the lack of cues makes it hard to determine the meaning behind the words.

2. Impersonal

Written communication is impersonal by nature. It requires an intermediary medium; whether it be a screen, a piece of paper etc. It inhibits our ability to empathize since we can only imagine the person behind the message and their existence is only implied by the existence of this message. It makes it more difficult for us to connect since you can't connect with a screen like you do with a person.

3. Distracting

Written communication can be very distracting as it is easily available. Even if you’re trying to ignore messages, the constant buzzing, or notification sound with the flash can be incredibly distracting to even the most disciplined person.

How Marries The Best Of Both Worlds

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Pros And Cons Of Written Communication, And How To Leverage The Pros With

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