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- A political campaign aims to influence the decision-making process of a certain group, often related to electoral campaigns.- The success of a political campaign relies on creating an impactful message and delivering it effectively.- Fundraising is a major obstacle in political campaigns, and estimating costs and starting early can help overcome funding issues.- Methods of political campaign exposure include formal events, door-to-door canvassing, traditional and social media, endorsements, and direct communication. BHuman.ai is a platform that can help personalize communication with voters.

A political campaign is a planned effort that aims to influence the decision making process of a certain group. In democracies, political campaigns frequently relate to electoral campaigns. The success of a political campaign relies on a few variables. At the base of it however lies a simple concept. Creation of an impactful message and its effective delivery.

An impactful message is one that captures what your campaign stands for and resonates with the voters. For your message to be impactful, the best place you can start is learning about the political landscape. You can do this by going to community meetings to learn more about the issues that they deal with. Or you can try talking to influential people in the political and civic sphere to understand their perspective. This research will help clarify what your position needs to be to win over the voters.

Now the second part of the equation is where you will make a difference. The delivery of the message encompasses the whole process of influencing the voters. From building your team and defining your campaign strategy to the point of election, your whole journey's success depends on how well and strategically you can deliver your message. It is exactly at this point that you will face most of the challenges and make possibly detrimental mistakes. We will mention two main challenges that might determine the fate of your campaign and how you can overcome these obstacles.

Fundraising For A Political Campaign

The biggest obstacle in running political campaigns is raising money. The amount of money spent by a candidate determines whether or not they will win or lose an election. A single rich donor who backs an opponent is all it takes to raise the cost of your local election. There are a few tricks you can follow to eliminate the foreseeable funding issues you might face.

1. Estimate Your Costs And Determine Your Budget

To help estimate your campaign spending you can use a simple approach of "number of votes you need to win * cost per vote". The cost of one vote varies greatly depending on the location and election cycle. To come up with an estimate you can get help from historical data. How much has a vote cost in the past elections for the same or a similar position in that location? This will help you estimate your campaign spending.

Second thing to estimate is a worst case scenario of how much you can raise. This estimate will be your anchor to tweak your cost per vote to make sure your budget will be enough for your campaign. If you are a first time candidate the likelihood of you raising less than you estimated is quite high so it is best to prepare for that situation and be pleasantly surprised if proven wrong. For this estimate you can use data about how much have others running for the same position raised in the past? How much can you personally contribute? And if your local or national party may provide financial assistance?

2. Start As Early As Possible

Raising money is harder than you think and it takes more time than you think especially for first time candidates. Starting fund raising as soon as possible will be one of the best decisions you made for your campaign.

Dramatically Increase Fundraising With BHuman.ai

With the incredibly realistic personalized videos our platform creates for you at scale. You can send each and everyone of your voters a video, addressing them personally, to help further your fundraising efforts. All you have to do is create one template video and our platform's AI can personalize it to hundreds and thousands of personalized videos.

According to McKinsey & Company, companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue from similar activities than average players do. Econsultancy’s 2017 “Conversion Rate Optimization” report found that 93% of companies report having more success in converting prospects into customers with personalized marketing. Additionally, including a video in an email triples the clickthrough rate according to Forrester.

Political Campaign Exposure

You have your message, your team and your budget. Now it's time for you to get the word out there. To launch your campaign, it's best to start with a formal event where you will declare your candidacy and deliver your message to the people. Afterward there are multiple methods you can use to inform voters about your candidacy.

The Big Announcement

Choose a central location with a lot of traffic, such as the local park. Make the announcement a prominent press event that a lot of your supporters will attend. Invite the neighborhood press, and see if you can get one of the current office holders to speak on your behalf. Even with all of this planning, the success or failure of the event depends on your campaign message. Go over the message several times to make sure it is motivational and will be understood correctly.

Door To Door Canvassing

This method includes going door-to-door to meet the voters and inform them of your candidacy and message. It's a great method to increase turnout and build connections with voters. Which doors are the best to knock on should already be specified in your campaign plan. Talk with those who genuinely want you to succeed as you have limited time to do so.

Traditional Media and Social Media

Billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, and TV spots all still have a significant impact. Make sure your campaign announcement is properly placed on all of these media and gets to your target audience. In addition to traditional media channels you must also have a social media presence to reach out to younger generations and cover all media grounds. An effective usage of social media is great for showing your humanness and building familiarity.


With the right people supporting you, your campaign can get off the ground more quickly than you think. Social proof is one of the most influential cognitive biases within the human psyche. We tend to listen to people we trust whether it is our family and friends or public figures we find trustworthy. Some great endorsers would be local decision-makers, influencers, party leaders, and those with a track record of supporting campaigns in the past.

Direct Communication

Another method that is great for building connections and loyalty is direct communication with voters through text messages, emails etc. Send them texts with details about your most recent events and encourage participation. It can also be used to recruit volunteers and find campaign supporters. SMS marketing especially can increase your voter engagement drastically.


BHuman.ai is a platform that is focused on humanizing communication. It allows you to create a personalized experience for your audience helping you to show them the care and attention they deserve. With our platform's ability to create personalized videos at scale you can outreach to voters addressing each and every one of them personally to drive attendance, communicate events and news, and build personal connections with them in general.

How BHuman.ai Gives You An Immense Competitive Advantage

Having mentioned the two main challenges your campaign might face and touched on the ways you can overcome these obstacles, we will now give you the secret to driving significant competitive advantage: connection and loyalty.

The effectiveness of personalization is truly undeniable and BHuman.ai is the ultimate platform for your personalization efforts. Everyone of your voters will feel seen and heard as individual voters thanks to BHuman.ai.

Our platform allows you to create personalized videos at scale by spending the time and effort it takes to create just one. With BHuman.ai you can outreach to voters addressing each and every one of them personally to drive attendance, communicate events and news, further funding efforts, thank them for participation, and even wish them a happy birthday… The use cases are only limited by your imagination! 

Sign up for our platform today to utilize personalization, stop missing out on the ultimate secret for connection and loyalty!

To learn more about the other ways you can utilize BHuman.ai visit our site at BHuman.ai. You can also contact us at info@bhuman.ai and we will be happy to inspire you in all the ways you can use BHuman.ai to improve your political campaign efforts. 

Put Your Political Campaign On Steroids (Secret Breakthrough AI)

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