Revolutionizing Automotive With AI: Personalized Videos At Scale


Discover how can revolutionize your business, increasing response rates and customer loyalty in the automotive sector.

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- can help businesses in the automotive sector improve their customer relations.- The platform allows for personalized inquiries, sending personalized videos to customers based on their preferences and interests.- Customers can be updated with personalized videos for service reminders, creating a sense of individual care.- can also be used to personalize sales, selling more warranty programs and cultivating loyalty.

Response rates jumped to 70% and open rates shot up to 82%? Only two examples of what can do for your business, changing the way you connect with your customers and how they connect with you. The automotive sector is one of the most flourishing sectors in the world, with a total market size of $1 trillion. However, it is also one of the most challenging sectors as it has been expanding rapidly over the past few decades, which means that it is not just dealing with an increase in the number of customers but also an increase in competition.

To stay ahead of the competition, focusing on your relationship with customers may be the way to go. Keeping the competition in mind, we can see how companies should focus on their customers to further their connection. Strong customer relationships are the backbone of any successful business. They help increase customer loyalty, which in turn leads to higher profits. Here is how can help you with furthering your customer relations in the automotive sector.

Send Personalized Inquiries

With our platform's ability to create personalized videos at scale from a template video using custom variables, you can send personalized videos to customers inquiring about vehicles depending on each customer's own preferences and interests. You can inform them of sales promotions individually and let them know of availability. You can make the purchasing process personal for every one of your customers and make them feel like VIP customers at your business.

Update Customers

You can notify customers when they're due for service with a video addressing them rather than sending a generic email or text notification. Perhaps with a script such as, "Hi Linda, your 2021 Cadillac is due for an oil change, and good news: your first service is half off! Can you come in this week?" You can create the feeling of individual and thorough care on your end for every customer.

Personalize Your Sales

You can use custom videos for each customer and sell more warranty programs with personalized videos that check in with customers periodically after the initial sale. Developing stronger relationships with your customers and cultivating loyalty for future purchases of goods and services

Some Statistics on How Aids the Automotive Industry

   • An increase of 18.5% in appointments. (Empire Auto Group)

   • Increased open rates to 82%. (Empire Auto Group)

   • Response rates have increased to 70%. (Jim Ellis Mazda)

Deepen Customer Loyalty With

Having established the importance of customer loyalty, is the ultimate platform for nurturing customer loyalty as it allows you to personalize and humanize all aspects of your customer experience.

Our platform allows you to create personalized videos at scale by spending the time and effort it takes to create just one. With, you can address each and every one of your customers by name to explain your products and services, thank them for their purchase, ask for feedback, provide customer support, offer promotions, and wish them a happy birthday. The use cases are only limited by your imagination! 

Sign up for our platform today to utilize quick and easy personalization at scale. Stop missing out on the secret recipe for connection and loyalty!

To learn more about the other ways you can utilize for your business, visit our site at You can also contact us at and we will be happy to inspire you in all the ways you can use to improve your personalization efforts. 

Revolutionizing Automotive With AI: Personalized Videos At Scale

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