Secret To Customer Success In The Software Sector


Discover how BHuman's AI-powered video solution can revolutionize your software business and boost customer success.

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- BHuman offers a video solution that creates personalized video messages at scale using AI technology.- The video solution can be used to create personalized product demos, upsell and cross-sell software products, increase customer success, and provide customer support.- BHuman can also develop a Recommendation Engine for websites to provide personalized product recommendations through video messages.- Businesses can sign up for BHuman's platform to utilize personalized video messages and improve customer success.

BHuman could be the secret weapon you’re looking for to succeed in the software sector. Our video solution creates personalized video messages at scale, using AI technology. From one single video recording, we can help you engage your entire customer list in a way that’s personal, effective, and shows users that you value them. Keep reading for five game changing ways you can use our video solution in software.

1) Personalized Demos At Scale

We can help you create product demos at scale that are personalized for your audience. As soon as someone requests a demo through your website, our technology kicks in to automatically personalize and send a video demo without delay, helping you strike while the iron is hot. Customers can watch your demos anytime, anywhere, and share the video with their team. Imagine how much time our videos could save your team from running through repetitive demos with customers while simultaneously helping to reduce lost leads, increase sales and save your valuable resources.

2) Upsell, Cross-Sell

Our video solution shows its real value when it comes to upselling and cross-selling your software products. Picture sending this personalized video message to your customers: “Hey Danny, you seem to love our Reporting tool because you spend a lot of time there! Did you know that there are some reporting features you’re missing on the Basic plan?”. You’ve immediately captured their attention with their name and the tool they regularly use. All that’s left to do is set out your call to action, maybe “click and upgrade today” and you have an unmissable upsell or cross-sell opportunity for your customers.

3) Increase Customer Success

This leads us on to customer success. You could set up a video message template to send to users who aren’t making the most of the features they have access to. This will help your customers get more from your products, increase their success and keep them coming back for more.

4) Provide Customer Support

What if you could increase your response time when it comes to providing customer support, while continuing to offer a personal and human approach? That’s exactly what we can do with our video solution. We can help you create video messages for tickets that can be easily answered with on-hand information, and provide your customers with an automated, personal video response. This will help to reduce overall wait time, providing unlimited human support in a matter of minutes, while your agents focus on complex and challenging cases. 

5) Leverage The Recommendation Engine 

Last but certainly not least, we can develop a Recommendation Engine for your website to provide a near instant response for a customer or lead, recommending a product with a personal video message. This video can outline how best to use your products as a solution to that customer’s problem and encourage them to buy that product from you. 

Start Creating Personalized Video Messages At Bhuman.Ai

This is just the start of what BHuman can do in the software sector to increase customer success, increase sales and save on your staff time and resources. 

Sign up for our platform at today to utilize quick and easy personalization at scale. Stop missing out on the secret recipe for customer success!

To learn more about the other ways you can utilize for your business, visit our site at You can also contact us at and we will be happy to inspire you in all the ways you can use to improve your personalization efforts. 

Secret To Customer Success In The Software Sector

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