The Key to A Loyal Customer Base; Personal Connections


Discover how Henry Reid and his company, Ohcrap, are revolutionizing sustainable practices and customer communication with BHuman.

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- Henry Reid founded Ohcrap, a sustainable company that produces compostable dog poop bags, to limit plastic waste in landfills.- Ohcrap uses BHuman to enhance their communication strategies and foster personal connections with customers.- They send marketing emails that resemble casual conversations and have recently incorporated personalized videos to establish a deeper connection.- BHuman has had a significant impact on Ohcrap's workflow and customer engagement, resulting in high open and click-through rates.

Henry Reid is a longtime BHuman user who is making a change in the world by his suatainable practices to limit the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills. He is a remarkable individual who has found a unique way to integrate BHuman into his business. Henry is the founder of Ohcrap, a new and sustainable company that produces compostable, non-plastic dog poop bags. By eliminating plastic waste, they have saved an astounding 37 million dog poop bags from ending up in landfills in Australia. 

We delved into Henry's experience with BHuman and how it has transformed his company's communication strategies, fostering personal connections with their customers. 

According to Henry, the Ohcrap family strongly believes in treating their customers as part of their own family, making them feel valued and cared for. To maintain this very personalized touch, their marketing approach is very straightforward and personal. They simply send marketing emails that resemble casual conversations from Gmail, staying away from formal templates or corporate branding. However, they recently felt like they wanted to enhance their communication further by incorporating videos to establish an even deeper connection with their customers. That is how they discovered BHuman — which gave them the chance to send personalized videos at scale while maintaining the natural and genuine approach they follow.

Henry described the process of getting started with BHuman as surprisingly easy. While there was some initial experimentation with positioning videos and crafting messages, BHuman's introductory guide proved helpful and straightforward. Henry shared his amusing experience of trying to condense a 32-second message into a video and realizing the need to keep it simple and authentic. Once he grasped the essence of the concept, creating videos became effortless and enjoyable. And from there on out, it was smooth sailing. 

BHuman has had a remarkable impact on Ohcrap's workflow and customer engagement. They integrated BHuman into their abandoned cart campaign, aiming to re-engage customers who were on the verge of abandoning their purchases. The addition of personalized videos resulted in a staggering 63.6% open rate and a significant 23% click-through rate. Henry recalls that these numbers far exceeded their expectations and showcased the power of authentic communication. BHuman enabled Ohcrap to regain lost customers and strengthen the existing relationships with their audience, while building relationships with new customers as well. 

Henry and his team extended the use of BHuman beyond the abandoned cart campaign. They implemented it in their customer journey, specifically in a countdown email series that reminded customers when it was time to reorder their dog poop bags. By incorporating personalized videos in these reminders, Ohcrap demonstrated that they were more than just a brand; they were a group of real people who cared about their customers' needs. These videos sparked positive reactions, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and repeat orders.

While Ohcrap primarily uses BHuman for personalized videos, they are eager to explore further features offered by the platform. They aim to experiment with campaign-style communication for their B2B sales arm. Henry expressed his excitement about the upcoming weeks and their plans to leverage BHuman's capabilities in this new area. By using BHuman's video communication to maintain a personal touch, Ohcrap aspires to strengthen their relationships with business customers and drive growth.

AI's Role in Business: Henry discussed his early realization of AI's potential when OpenAI's Chat GPT was introduced. Recognizing AI as a valuable life skill, he encouraged his team to utilize it within their respective roles. Henry himself has used AI to streamline coding processes and improve their website's functionality. Embracing AI as part of their customer service strategy, they plan to implement AI-driven chat support on their website. With AI becoming increasingly integral to everyday work, Henry believes that interacting with AI efficiently is essential for staying ahead in the business world. This reason, And for 

Henry's experience with BHuman has exemplified the power of personal connections in business communication. Through personalized videos, Ohcrap has nurtured a loyal customer base and achieved great feedback from it's customers. Henry believes that the way to increase loyalty within your customers is to create a special and personalized bond that makes them feel valued as customers. And personalized videos are a great way to do that and BHuman executes it perfectly!

The Key to A Loyal Customer Base; Personal Connections

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