Your Secret Weapon to Customer Success and Retention: Customer Education


Discover the secret weapon that can increase customer value, reduce costs, and boost brand loyalty.

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- Customer Education is a powerful tool that can increase customer lifetime value, reduce support costs, and increase product adoption rates.- The first step in implementing Customer Education is to define your strategy based on your business's main focus.- Compile the information you want to convey to customers and structure it in a way that meets their needs, wants, and abilities.- Continuously learn and adapt by gathering feedback from customers and improving education in areas where they need more clarification.

There is a secret weapon you might be missing out on when it comes to customer success. If used correctly and effectively it can help increase your customer lifetime value and brand value, reduce support burden and costs, and increase product adoption rates. A weapon that is most important for service providers but can be utilized by all businesses as it’s useful for increasing all brand value. That secret weapon is: Customer Education.

Customer Education is the discipline of teaching customers how to use and find value from products. What makes it so powerful is that it’s utilized throughout multiple stages of the customer journey and it builds loyalty like no other function for the right customer personas. But how can you implement and utilize this weapon? Continue reading to find out!

First Step: Define Your Strategy

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First thing you want to do is define what stage your company is at to focus your Customer Education strategy accordingly. Are your efforts more focused on:

   Marketing and product adoption

    Customer maturity, scaling and customer retention

    Optimize P&L (lower costs and increase revenue)

Your customer education strategy should be built around the main focus of your business at its current stage.

Second Step: Compile The Information

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Having determined your Customer Education strategy, now it is time for you to compile the information you want to get across and structure it accordingly with your strategy. When it comes to Customer Education try to look at it from the lens of need, want and ability (W.I.N) rather than thinking of it as scholar education. As in:

Your customer doesn’t:

    WANT to learn (avoid unnecessary information that will not be useful for them)

    have the INCENTIVE to learn (avoid technical and industry specific words to make the process as simple as possible)

    NEED to learn (they don't have any incentives for customer education itself, their main focus is to get value from the product therefore yours should be to give exactly that)

Your priority should not be the education itself but helping your customer to overcome barriers or do better work. Ultimately what most customers are looking for is getting more value from your product with the least friction possible. Showing your customers how they can utilize your product or service to get the best value for their specific use case.

Focus on information that will get your customer up and running quickly. Address common errors or support issues. Ensure that your work will help the customer avoid or resolve the problem.

Third Step: Learn and Adapt

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As your customers use your product or service they will come across and get stuck on similar issues. The best way to provide efficient Customer Education is to get feedback from your customers on what issues they need more or better clarification on and improve education in these areas.

How Helps You Improve Customer Education Services?

There are multiple mediums you can utilize when it comes to customer education services. You can utilize text, video or both and adjust them accordingly to your product and what it offers. You can provide video tutorials, show use cases and inspire your customers on your product.

With you can make this educational journey personal to your customers.You can provide all of your customers with tutorials and use cases addressing them and their specific industry or preferences. All by spending the time and effort of preparing just a single video.

To learn more about the other ways you can utilize visit our site at You can also contact us at and we will be happy to inspire you in all the ways you can use to improve your customer education efforts. Sign up for our platform today at

Your Secret Weapon to Customer Success and Retention: Customer Education

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