September 2, 2022
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Overcoming Barriers In eCommerce With

eCommerce is booming in 2022. But while the popularity of online shopping grows, so do the challenges that retailers face. To stay competitive, brands must come up with innovative strategies for growing website traffic; cultivating customer loyalty; boosting conversion; and preventing abandoned carts. Does this sound all too familiar for you?

At BHuman, we've developed a video solution to help tackle these eCommerce challenges head on. Our platform allows you to produce personalized video communications, at scale, that feel like a genuine human conversation. Our videos are transforming customer-retailer interactions, helping to re-engage audiences and increase conversion. The top five applications for BHuman video communications in eCommerce are listed below:

1) Send A Video When A User Abandons Their Cart

What do you do when a potential customer visits your website, adds your products to their shopping cart, and then walks away without placing an order? Why not follow up with a personalized video message to re-engage the customer, grabbing their attention with their name and encouraging them to complete the order with a direct link to their basket. Thanks to our technology, you can automatically personalize and send abandoned cart video messages to as many customers as you need, all from a single video clip, reducing the number of abandoned carts you face and driving your sales.

2) Use Our Recommendation Engine As A Lead Magnet

Our powerful recommendation engine plugs into your website, inviting users to answer a few simple questions to request a personal product recommendation. The engine will automatically deliver a message to their inbox, including a video message with a personal recommendation based on their answers. Customers will be drawn back to your website to buy the suggested products, you'll collect email addresses for your mailing list and access insightful data on client preferences.

3) Post Purchase Education

With videos that feel like a real human conversation, we help retailers create a personal connection with their customers and build brand loyalty. A great example of this is a post purchase video message, which can be triggered after a customer makes their first purchase to provide a welcoming and educational message. Demonstrating how to get the most from your products will increase customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more. 

5) Upsell / Cross Sell

Imagine the potential of personal video messages when it comes to upselling and cross-selling your products. Video messages can be scheduled or automatically triggered for customers after they’ve bought something from your site, including recommendations for similar or complementary products. This will re-engage your customers, drive traffic back to your website, and help boost your sales.

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