Captivate shoppers like no other dealership

Dealerships across the country use BHuman to send personalized videos to customers the minute they hit the CRM

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Captivate shoppers like no other dealership

Generate personalized videos the instant a customer expresses interest in a vehicle

Your CRM feeds us the name, dealership, year, make and model of the vehicle, and our app generates a custom video that’s personalized for the recipient

We’re integrated with all the major CRMs so set-up is plug and play

We send the video over both SMS text message and email, a matter of minutes after the initial customer action


Dealerships see a 90% open rate on our video communication


Dealerships see a 62% response rate on our video messages. Yes, 62%!

+ 18%

Dealerships see an 18% boost in appointment bookings.

We started working with BHuman back in October. We're really impressed with what they've achieved so far! Our open rate shot up to 82%, and our reply rate from video is at 62%.

A time consuming part of our workflow is now automated because they send the initial video that breaks ice, people love to deal with people. When our team gets on the phone, the leads tend to be much warmer than your standard outbound call.

I highly recommend BHuman and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

Adam Smith

Call Center Director,
Empire Auto Group

Education & Conversions

"Joe, let's get you in for a test drive"

Grab a potential customer’s attention with highly engaging human communication

Encourage customers to book an appointment straight away to benefit from a promotion

Trigger appointment reminders to decrease no-shows

Up-sell and Cross-sell

Automotive dealerships leverage BHuman to create repeatable, automated up-sells and cross-sells throughout the customer journey.

Send video reminders to customers when it’s time to change their oil or perform a vehicle check-up

Offer customers a special discount code to customers on their birthday with a video message

Promote sales and buy-back campaigns

Customer Care & Success

Foster a relationship

Nurture customer relationships with communications triggered post purchase

Automatically check-in with customers about renewals

Vehicle Walkarounds

Give personalized vehicle walk-arounds. to customers, all automated so your staff can focus on closing.