A new way to communicate

Stand out of the crowd with personalized video communications

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Looking for enterprise solutions? Schedule a call with our Enterprise Team.

Lead Generation

Cut through the clutter with personalized video

Send personalized videos at scale to your mailing list

Automatically send a video when a user abandons their cart and get them to come back for more

Use the Recommendation Engine as a lead magnet to make a fun, engaging experience that converts visitors to buyers

Send personalized videos from your customers’ favorite celebrity or influencer

+ 124%

User see their open rate more than double, an average of 124%.

+ 593%

Users see their click-through rate increase by more than 593%.

+ 302%

Users see conversion rates increase by 302% when using BHuman.

eCommerce Innovator

Open rate went from 28% to 62%

Click-through rate went from 2% to 27%

Responses from customers like: "Afternoon Valentine! I'm not going to lie, didn’t expect to hear actual personalization. That must have taken you a lot of time to address everyone you wanted to. Thank you!"

Valentine Aseyo

Matador Meggings


Education & Conversion

Show, don't tell

Nurture customer relationships and brand loyalty with a personalized and scalable approach

Help customers get the most from a product by triggering post purchase communications with personalized product demos

Provide updates about new products or campaigns

Join the leaders

Send personalized videos to your entire list, and see rates you didn't think were possible.

Upsells & Cross Sells

"You'd love X, John"

Promote specific products by showing them in personalized videos

Cross-sell with personalized video “You just added X to your cart, Y is a perfect fit and it’s half off”

Up-sell with personalized video “I noticed you’re looking for X. While it’s a solid choice, Z is something I use personally everyday.”

Customer Care & Success

Trigger videos at key moments in the journey

Add a human touch to your customer communications

Provide customer support by sending personalized videos for queries that can be easily answered with on-hand information, making customers feel special and cared for