Treat your guests right

Give every guest a warm and personalized welcome


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Lead Generation

Cut through the clutter with personalized video

Give every guest a human and warm welcome with personalized video from the leadership, a celebrity influencer, or even the front desk

Use the Recommendation Engine to trigger a custom experience recommendation video for potential customers

+ 124%

User see their open rate more than double, an average of 124%.

+ 593%

Users see their click-through rate increase by more than 593%.

+ 302%

Users see conversion rates increase by 302% when using BHuman.

Provide a human touch where your competitors can't

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Education & Conversion

Show, don't tell

Create a sense of urgency to book a room before it goes away with personalized video from the front desk: “Hi Macy, this is Maria from the front desk. I saw you were looking at our Executive Suite. 7 other people were looking at this same room, and these go quickly, so I wanted to check in and see if you’d like me to reserve this for you now.”

Join the leaders

Send personalized videos to your entire list, and see rates you didn't think were possible.

Upsells & Cross Sells

"You'd love X, John"

Hyper targeted promos, up-sells and cross-sells “Hi James, I know you loved your last trip to Florence, but you haven’t been to Italy in 5 years! That’s almost criminal! Have you been to Sicily yet? I have just the place to show you.”

Treat loyalty programs like royalty, with personalized video updates for cash-back and other promotions that show members they’re valued and cared for

Keep guests coming back for more by sending them personalized videos from a face they know and recognize at your establishment

Customer Care & Success

Trigger videos at key moments in the journey

Provide customer support by sending personalized videos for tickets that can be easily answered with on-hand information, making customers feel special and cared for

Add a human touch to your kiosks to recommend items, welcome guests, and provide real-time updates during the order process

Collect better feedback by asking guests how they felt about an experience with a personalized video message that feels like a real, human conversation