BHuman <3 Real Estate

Harness the power of AI to nurture client relationships at scale


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Lead Generation

Cut through the clutter with personalized video

Send personalized videos over email or SMS to establish a human connection from the start and maximize engagement

Provide personalized quotes as soon as a potential customer expresses their interest in a mortgage or property

Create a Recommendation Engine as a lead magnet for real estate

Personalize videos with a specific property in the background to capture the customer’s attention

Drive customers to schedule meetings or viewings

+ 124%

User see their open rate more than double, an average of 124%.

+ 593%

Users see their click-through rate increase by more than 593%.

+ 302%

Users see conversion rates increase by 302% when using BHuman.

Automate your mortgage & client communication process.

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Education & Conversion

Show, don't tell

Nurture leads and increase your conversion rate with a personalized and scalable approach

Update buyers on the housing market in their area automatically in a way that feels 100% real and white-glove. “Hey Jack, here's a few new townhouses on the market!”

Provide appointment reminders to decrease no-shows

Join the leaders

Send personalized videos to your entire list, and see rates you didn't think were possible.

Upsells & Cross Sells

"You'd love X, John"

Trigger personalized videos at key stages in the sales process

Schedule follow up videos once a deal has been closed to leverage on referrals

Customer Care & Success

Trigger videos at key moments in the journey

Stay connected with customers and nurture relationships

Automatically check-in with customers about renewals

Increase your online presence and the impact of your communications