Move over, cold email

Sales and marketing professionals use BHuman as their secret weapon to talk to prospects at scale with a personalized approach

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Lead Generation

Cut through the clutter with personalized video

Use BHuman to reach out to prospects over email, LinkedIn, or SMS with a personalized video

Put your lead generation on steroids with personalized videos that show you did your homework, and establish a powerful connection from the start

Show the customer’s website or LinkedIn dynamically in the background of your video

+ 124%

User see their open rate more than double, an average of 124%.

+ 593%

Users see their click-through rate increase by more than 593%.

+ 302%

Users see conversion rates increase by 302% when using BHuman.

Sales & Marketing Innovator

Leveraged BHuman to send over 10,000 personalized videos to prospects in retail & hospitality

Generated an 8x increase in qualified leads compared to previous campaigns, for a fraction of the cost

Generated 13 Superleads who shared the video with 14 people on average, many of which are high-ranking execs in the target market

Addy Oluyemi-Wnoroski, MBA

B2B Marketing (Signify)

Education & Conversion

Show, don't tell

Update customers about new features with automated personalized video updates

Give personalized demos and walkthroughs in a way that feels completely custom, but is fully automated and scalable

Send AI personalized videos to customers when they request a whitepaper

Reignite stale leads by sending them a personalized video message checking in on them and solidifying a human relationship

Trigger appointment reminders to decrease no shows

Invite people to webinars at scale using personalized video

Join the leaders

Send personalized videos to your entire list, and see rates you didn't think were possible.

Upsells & Cross Sells

"You'd love X, John"

Hyper targeted promos, up-sells and cross-sells

Send a video message with a special discount code for services on a customer’s birthday

Customer Care & Success

Trigger videos at key moments in the journey

Automatically check-in with customers about renewals, to drive recurring revenue at scale in the most powerful way possible - personalized video

Update customers about new features with automated personalized video updates

Is a user at risk? Send them a video message