Human connections

at scale

Produce a single video and personalize it for thousands of recipients. Deliver over any channel and measure results instantly. Trusted by 75,000+ companies.

BHuman AI Studio - Personalized AI videos at scale, clone and scale yourself | Product Hunt
+ 124%

User see their open rate increase more than double, an average of 124%.

+ 593%

Users see their click-through rate increase by more than 593%.

+ 302%

Users see conversion rates increase by 302% when using BHuman.

How it works

  • 01

    Record your template

    Record a short video on our platform using your webcam or phone. In any language.

  • 02

    Connect your data

    Import a spreadsheet, leverage one of our integrations, or take advantage of our API.

  • 03

    Clone & Send

    All it takes is one click to generate thousands, or even millions, of personalized videos that look real. Send over email, SMS, Linkedin, or Zapier.

What BHuman is

We enable you foster Human Connections at Scale by generating videos that look as if you just recorded them one by one, all with the power of AI. As a result, your customers will be blown away, thinking you took the time to film a video just for them. Embed this into your customer journey for scalable, unforgettable experiences, and crush the competition.

What BHuman is not

We are not a text-to-video platform. We don't generate "avatars" that your audience will instantly know is fake. Our mission is not to give you a playground for the latest AI hype. Our mission is to give you a serious platform to drive serious business results. Join us for the journey.

We work in every industry

We're changing the way companies communicate at scale. Here are some of our most popular use cases.


Send personalized video messages to customers when they abandon cart, post-purchase, or build communities.

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sales & marketing

Talk to your customers in a human way that will convert them into warm leads.

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Send personalized video messages to leads the minute they enter your CRM for a 62% response rate and 18.5% boost in appointments.

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Join the innovators

Addy Oluyemi

B2B Marketing, Philips (Signify)

Signify has always struggled to generate leads, that is -- until they started working with BHuman. "[We are] happy to report 8 MQLs and 20 responses indicating interest in follow-up from the campaigns so far!"

Adam Smith

Call Center Director,
Empire Auto Group

"Our open rate shot up to 82% & our reply rate from the video is 62%. A time consuming part of our work is now automated because of the initial video that breaks the ice, people love to deal with people. When our team gets on the phone, the leads are much warmer than normal. I highly recommend BHuman."

Noah St. John

Breakthrough with Noah

Dominick Beras

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