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Humble Beginnings

BHuman was founded by Don Bosco when he was running a lead generation agency, and found it harder and harder to book meetings for clients. Cold email, LinkedIn messages, and scaled communication in general was getting tougher and tougher. Don realized that what was really missing was a human connection. Don started experimenting with personalized video, since video is a source of truth of people today. If you see someone saying your name, talking about your company, you're not going to think it's a mass video sent to ten thousand other people. You're going to think it's filmed just for you. The same cannot be said for text-based communication.

Don built an MVP, and saw great success using his new tool in lead generation. But as word got out about the tool, he started receiving interest from players far outside the lead generation space, including healthcare providers, politicians and eCommerce stores. That's when he realized this was so much bigger than just lead generation. He shut down the lead generation business, and went full-time on BHuman.

BHuman has since raised a pre-seed round with Mistral VC, and is building the next generation of AI synthetic media technology.

The team

We're joined by an incredible team of 33 researchers, engineers, developers and creators. We're constantly working towards innovative AI models that make it faster and easier to clone & scale yourself, so that you can generate human connections at scale throughout the customer journey.

Ideas? Feedback?

Our culture is of constant innovation & listening to users. Have feedback? Let us know! Send us a note at Don@BHuman.ai


Looking to join a growing team of world-class innovators pushing the boundaries of AI? Shoot us an email at Don@BHuman.ai.

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