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I run a program called AutomatedAgencySystems and I help agencies, coaches and consultants automate their marketing, sales, onboarding and other systems to help them scale while working less. I've been using this tool not only for myself, but plan on telling all my clients about it too! This has been a great way to increase conversions in my abandoned cart campaigns!

Troy Hilbrands

Students LOVED IT

We did a personalized video for incoming freshmen (over 500 students), and they LOVED IT. We had a few people tell us their name was pronounced weird (i.e., William), but they still thought it was cool that we "took the time to record each and every student personally." You and I know that's not true, but it made the school look like a rock star in the eyes of nervous freshmen trying to decide what school to attend.

Tusar Abdullah

What an amazing tool, perfect for today's challenges and beyond. Personalization with a human touch is back! Sustainable coverage and high frequency ratios should be achievable for small and large businesses.

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