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Stefans Keiss

11/10 if you ask me!

BHuman has become a very important part of our automations. You guys are easily the only platform that we’ve been able to fully automate generation at scale without struggling with quality. It all works on the autopilot for us for last 3 months, and we’ve never had any serious issues with Bhuman whatsoever. We did had some minor hiccups with API, but it’s all not really significant and been solved with some quick workarounds anyways.  So all in all — 11/10 if you ask me!

Miguel Vaz

The perfect match

I am a huge fan of ''client experience'' and I will for sure now use for the projects that are coming live very soon! I have tested a lot of variants, from Heygen, Sythesia or Videoask (might be competitors at this stage) and the feedback that I get is that it stills looks very fake, when using it mostly Heygen or Synthesia, but with Bhuman, is just simple and the perfect match, as it still feels personal, but we know it's tech based :) and the excel sheet integration just speeds things up, so kudos to you, I am really a fan and I will use it more often from now on! I will test out the new platform and see what improved, haven't got the chance yet so might subscribe and take it from there!

Troy Hilbrands

Students LOVED IT

We did a personalized video for incoming freshmen (over 500 students), and they LOVED IT. We had a few people tell us their name was pronounced weird (i.e., William), but they still thought it was cool that we "took the time to record each and every student personally." You and I know that's not true, but it made the school look like a rock star in the eyes of nervous freshmen trying to decide what school to attend.

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