5 Remarkable Psychology Tricks Used By Marketers


Discover the psychology behind marketing tricks and learn how to use them to boost your business.

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- Marketing tricks are often based on cognitive biases, which are systematic errors in thinking that affect decision making and assessments.- Some common marketing tricks include playing with numbers to decrease the perceived price of a product, using reciprocity to encourage customers to buy something in return for a favor, leveraging social proof by including testimonials and reviews, and creating a sense of scarcity or exclusivity to increase the perceived value of a product.- Selective attention is another marketing trick that involves personalizing marketing strategies based on target customer personas and their needs, interests, opinions, and beliefs.- BHuman.ai is a platform that helps marketers further their personalization efforts by allowing them to create personalized videos at scale, addressing each customer by name and tailoring messages to their specific needs.

Marketing is one of the oldest professions. Human species has been using psychological methods and tactics to construct an image of things to persuade people. Before psychology existed as a science people did it intuitively and now thanks to psychology we can pinpoint the exact reasons why these tricks work.

Most of these tricks are actually related to cognitive biases. A cognitive bias is a type of systematic error in thinking that happens while people are interpreting and processing information from their environment, which has an impact on their decision making and assessments. These biases are common across all humans and they affect our logical thinking.

Below you can find five of these marketing tricks that are used to persuade customers to buy a product or service.

1. Playing With Numbers

When pricing products there are a lot of tricks used by marketers to decrease the perceived price of a product. Some of these number tricks are:

   • Reducing the last digit by one. Our brains perceive the size of a number by the first digit due to the speed we process numbers in. So we perceive $1.99 as less than $2.

   • Removing the comma from thousands. As in we perceive $1500 as less than $1,500.

   • Creating a visual contrast between numbers when indicating a discount. This causes us to perceive the discounted amount as less than it really is. We perceive a discount to be greater when shown like this “ $30 to $19” rather than this “ $30 to $19”.

   • Using the biggest number possible when framing a discount. As in saying it is a 30% discount rather than a 10$ discount which equates to the same amount in reality.

2. Reciprocity

Another commonly used method by marketers is touching on the common human behavior that is reciprocity. When we receive something from someone we want to give it back. Humans have the urge to return favors.

Gifts associated with purchases, free information (white papers, etc.), and services encourage customers to buy something from you in return to honor the giving relationship you have with them. 

3. Social Proof

As one of the most commonly known and used methods, it remains one of the most effective ones for a reason. Humans are a tribal species and we trust one another for information. When you go on an online shopping site, which item are you more likely to buy: the one that lists a million good qualities with no review or one that lists fewer good qualities but has a lot of good reviews. That is exactly what social proof is.

Marketers use this method by including success stories, testimonials, client reviews etc. on the platforms they showcase their business.

4. Scarcity/Exclusivity

We simply put more value on rarities. Owning something that not everyone can gives us a certain sense of power.This instinct comes from our most primal nature. It applies to all markets from luxury to grocery. If only 5 people in the world own a certain car, it feels privileged to be one of them. Similarly if you buy one of the last 5 loaves of bread left in the bakery, you feel lucky you didn’t miss out. 

Marketers use this rarity value by either channeling it into scarcity or exclusivity. When you go to buy a watch and you see there are only 3 watches left it creates a sense of urgency to buy it before they run out, this is the scarcity side of the spectrum. On the exclusivity end, if you go to buy a watch and learn that it's a limited edition with only 3 copies you get the same feeling of increased value of the product. 

5. Selective Attention

This method is one for more seasoned marketers as it requires the user to know about their target customer personas. Selective attention is the process of directing our awareness to relevant stimuli while ignoring irrelevant stimuli in the environment. As a self-assuring species the way we determine relevant information is through our own perspective; our needs, interests, opinions, and beliefs.

The way marketers use this method is by personalizing their marketing strategies according to their target customer personas and fine tuning for their pain points, interests, opinions, and beliefs.

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5 Remarkable Psychology Tricks Used By Marketers

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