7 Deadly Sins of Marketing: What Not To Do and How To Avoid Them


Discover the 7 marketing sins to avoid and learn how to improve your marketing strategy.

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- One marketing mistake to avoid is not having a clear vision, plan, and metrics to measure performance.- Another mistake is not knowing your target audience and tailoring your marketing strategy to them.- Failing to highlight what sets your business apart from competitors is another marketing sin to avoid.- Being too shy to self-promote and share your business with the world is a mistake to avoid.

There are a lot of mistakes one can make when it comes to marketing. Knowing them and preparing ahead can really help a business cut down on costs before they occur. That is why we have prepared a list of marketing mistakes you should be aware of and how to avoid them to minimize botched marketing operations.

1. No Direction, No Plan.

You can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing but if you are spending it in the wrong direction, you will only be left with a depressing financial statement. The first and most crucial marketing sin to avoid is having no vision, no plan and blurry metrics.


To avoid this sin you must define 3 main points. Your vision, plan and the right metrics to measure performance. Your vision makes up your brand image. Having a clearly defined vision will help you have a holistic and consistent marketing strategy from start to finish. Who are you? What industry do you belong to? What is your product/service? Why are you creating this company? Is there a need for what you have to offer? Who needs your product/service? These are a few questions that can help you get to the core of your vision.

To define your plan you must start with a goal. What do you expect to achieve from these marketing efforts? Once you have a goal you can start to identify the steps you need to take to get there and build your marketing strategy.

Having the right metrics to measure your success will allow you to determine if your marketing strategy is working. It will help you to stay on top of your marketing efforts and update them when needed. You should have your metrics set and you should measure your success in predefined intervals to see what you are doing right and wrong. So that you can adapt accordingly.

2. Who Is Our Customer Again?

The second marketing sin is not knowing your target customers and not having customer personas. Without knowing who your customers are you can not formulate a proper marketing strategy. If you don’t tune your strategy to your target audience you might find yourself trying to sell friendship bracelets to business men.


To avoid knocking on the wrong door, define who your target audience is. Ask yourself who needs this product or service? Who will benefit from it the most? Try to come up with use cases and there is your target audience. Once you get your target audience defined you can continue into finding out the platforms they are active in, the propositions they would be intrigued by, the language to use etc. and incorporate these into your marketing strategy.

3. We’re Pretty Cool I Guess.

The third marketing sin you might be committing is not knowing what differentiates your business. Being unaware of what makes your services or products unique and failing to capitalize on these differences will dim your light. If you are a business in a competitive market not showing your light will lead your visibility to be lost among the hundreds of others like you.


Figure out what sets you apart from your competitors and scream it at the top of your lungs. When a consumer is looking to buy a product or service they ask themselves the question “Why should I buy this?” especially if there are other alternatives in the market. Highlighting what makes you unique helps them answer this question.

4. Isn’t That A Bit Too Much?

No, it’s not. Being too shy to self-promote is your fourth marketing sin to avoid. Humility is indeed a great quality to have but going overboard and holding back from self-promotion is basically doing the opposite of what marketing is about. You might be disappearing into the mist of competitors because you are too shy to share what you’re doing with the world.


Share what you’re doing with the world! Not only with your target audience but also with your circle of friends and family. Ask them to share what you’re doing with others, by word of mouth or the internet. Reach out to podcasts in your industry, utilize guest blogging etc. Get the word out about what you’re doing, how else are people supposed to learn about your business?

5. Social Media Is For Socializing.

That is true to an extent. But it doesn’t mean that socializing and interacting with your customers isn’t a great marketing tool on its own. Thinking social media isn’t for marketing and therefore avoiding it is the fifth marketing sin for sure. It just means that you are missing out on a great opportunity to build customer loyalty and connection.


Incorporate social media into your marketing strategy. Depending on the product or service you provide and your target audience, you can determine which social media platforms would be more useful. Once you decide, start interacting with your target audience. Be active in commenting and sharing others posts as much as posting your own. Become part of the community you’re trying to reach out to.

6. Who Needs Evergreen?

You do. Evergreen content is content that is timeless. Evergreen content allows you to build a long-term presence. It creates trust, drives organic traffic regularly, increases search engine rankings, builds backlinks and so on. So we don’t think we need to explain why not having evergreen content is the sixth sin on our list.


Try to create evergreen content that relates to your product, service or audience. Topics such as careers, health, finance, and family work well for evergreen content because they are a part of everyday life and do not rely on current news events. Try to make sure this type of content is SEO optimized to ensure you find the right topics to attract your target audience.

7. What Was That Thing We Did That Didn’t Work?

The seventh sin to avoid is having a bad record system when it comes to past operations. Successful marketing programs depend on accurate information, a historical view into past successes and failures, and the ability to recognize patterns. Losing precious past insights can leave you learning the same lessons over and over again rather than moving forward by building on them.


Keep your records efficiently to create an enduring repository of information. Being able to go back to past operations and metrics to remember what works and what doesn’t will help you make educated decisions rather than ones that rely on your instincts. It will allow you to see what works and capitalize on it.

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7 Deadly Sins of Marketing: What Not To Do and How To Avoid Them

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