The Power of AI Integration in Business: The Journey of Matt Milia


Discover how integrating AI technology into your business can optimize productivity and drive success.

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- Integrating AI technology into business processes can optimize productivity, reduce time wastage, and increase efficiency.- BHuman is an innovative platform that uses AI technology to generate and distribute personalized videos at scale.- Matt Milia, founder of Appointment Today, has successfully integrated BHuman's AI technology into his business, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.- AI technology offers businesses the opportunity to automate processes, provide personalized services, and build strong customer relationships.

In the constantly evolving, fast paced business world we live in, entrepreneurs and business owners need to find ways to optimize their productivity, reduce time wastage and increase efficiency all the while staying ahead of their competitors. One of the simplest approaches to achieve this is by integrating AI technology into their business processes. AI is the future of all industries, why not use it to its full potential early on, and leverage from it. Seeing the current trajectory of technological advancements, it is clear that AI is shaping the future of various industries. Therefore, leveraging its full potential at an early stage can help your business stand out and grow simultaneously. 

BHuman is one of these innovative platforms that helps you take advantage of AI for your business needs. BHuman uses face and voice cloning technology with their advanced AI to generate and distribute personalized videos at scale. The potential use cases for BHuman are limited only by one's imagination. Our user base spreads across very diverse industries, including healthcare, services, and beyond, where they have been leveraging our AI technology in creative ways to achieve their business goals. Learning about the unique and innovative approaches that our users take with our AI technology for their own businesses is truly fascinating.

BHuman’s Human of the Week: Matt Milia

We are delighted to introduce our new series, 'Human of the Week', where we highlight the innovative ways in which our valued users integrate BHuman's AI tools into their businesses. This week, we are featuring Matt Milia, the founder of Appointment Today, a virtual call center and administrative staffing agency. Mr. Milia's use of BHuman's AI technology has clearly proven to be instrumental in driving his business's success, and we are thrilled to share his story with you.

Matt Milia has been running Appointment Today for about 8 years, providing virtual staffing solutions to service-based businesses such as real estate agents, loan officers, and insurance agents. By integrating BHuman's AI-generated videos, he has been able to increase his business's efficiency and productivity significantly. BHuman's cloning model has allowed Matt to send mass messages via text and email, which has led to an increase in the number of appointments he books daily. Before integrating BHuman into his business, he only had about one or two appointments per day, but now he averages 3-4 appointments per day. Matt has observed a growing interest in his cold emails, with individuals expressing curiosity about his authentic and innovative approach to outreach

Matt Milia's success story highlights the importance of integrating AI technology into businesses' operations to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency. AI offers businesses the opportunity to automate and streamline processes, leading to significant time and cost savings. It also allows businesses to provide personalized and tailored services to their clients, which can help to build strong customer relationships and increase customer loyalty.

It is true however that some people remain skeptical about its impact on society and the job market. In response to this, Matt Milia has a clear message: "AI is going to be the cornerstone of each and every business. Entrepreneurs have two options —  lean into the changes and become part of it, or go against it. Being a part of the change means being the pioneer in the industry that goes all in on this, which is going to make a difference. If you fight technology, technology is going to be our competition. Instead of making it our competition, figure out how we can grow our time and workflow, accomplish more within a day. Optimize and make yourself more efficient."

Matt Milia's perspective on AI technology is a forward-thinking and pragmatic one. Rather than viewing AI as a threat, he sees it as an opportunity to enhance and optimize business processes. His success with integrating BHuman into his business is a testament to the benefits that AI technology can bring to businesses across different industries.

In conclusion, BHuman's AI platform has revolutionized the way businesses approach marketing, outreach and customer engagement. Through face and voice cloning technology, businesses can create personalized videos that can be used to enhance customer experiences.  Matt Milia's success with integrating BHuman into his business highlights the potential that AI technology has in successfully transforming business operations.


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You can listen to the full interview here. Visit Matt's website to learn more about his company.

The Power of AI Integration in Business: The Journey of Matt Milia

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