User Of The Week: Dori ONeill - Personalization is Powerful


Discover how Dori O'Neill increased his response rate by 20-30x using personalized video greetings with BHuman.

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- BHuman regularly interviews its users to understand their experiences and how they are implementing the platform in their work.- BHuman can be applied in various industries, such as healthcare, finance, and retail, to improve efficiency and effectiveness.- Dori O'Neill, founder of Balanced Wheel Health, found BHuman through AppSumo and uses personalized video greetings to increase positive response rates.- Since integrating BHuman, Dori has seen a 20-30x increase in response rates and believes that AI is a valuable asset for businesses.

At BHuman, we love hearing from our users and their experiences with our platform. That why every other week, our team talks to one of our avid users, to learn more about their journey with BHuman. We want to understand how they found our platform, how they are implementing it in their work, and what kind of results they have seen. This helps future users better understand our platform, through the eyes of an existing user, and understanding what their journey has been like. 

BHuman has extensive use cases, limited only by your imagination,  and can be applied in many different industries. Whether you are in healthcare, finance, or retail, BHuman can help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. In today's fast-paced and competitive world, it's essential for companies, businesses, and ideas to incorporate the latest tools and technology to stay ahead. BHuman is one such tool that can help you stand out from the competition and achieve your goals.

User of The Week — Dori ONeill

Introducing our User of the Week: Dori O'Neill, founder of Balanced Wheel Health, a health and wellness company focused on holistic healing. Dori is an avid tech enthusiast who stumbled upon our AI platform, BHuman, while scouring through AppSumo to find ways to increase productivity for his company. After seeing the technology BHuman offered, Dori was blown away and began his journey with our platform. Dori decided to integrate BHuman into his workflow by greeting each new user with a personalized video generated through BHuman. 

Personalized Video Greetings

Using a personalized video to greet new sign-ups has proven to be an effective way to increase positive response rates. By creating a video that specifically addresses the new user by name and highlights their interests and needs, companies can establish a more personal connection with their audience. This personal touch makes users feel valued and creates a sense of excitement about the product or service they've signed up for, while also making the user pay more attention to the message of the video. Studies have even shown that personalized video greetings can result in higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty. Incorporating personalized videos into onboarding processes can have a significant impact on customer engagement and retention.

And this is evident in the results shown to us by Dori himself. 

Dori x BHuman

Since integrating BHuman into his workflow, Dori has seen his response rate increase by 20-30x. He attributes this success to BHuman's personalized videos, which he uses to greet new sign-ups. Balanced Wheel Health offers every new sign up a chance to be a part of their free course. Prior to BHuman, users would often miss out on the details about the free course, missing the opportunity to take part in it altogether. According to Dori, recipients have been thoroughly understanding the details and elements that the course has to offer, and are paying more attention to them now that he is reaching out to each of them personally, in video form. He believes that this is because the videos create a human connection and show recipients that someone has gone out of their way to welcome them, and so the users appreciate that extra touch. 

While some people remain skeptical about the use of AI, Dori urges them to give it a shot. As someone who has been around since the days of dial phones, he believes that AI has given him the tools to stay on top of his game. Dori sees the capabilities of AI as a valuable asset to any business and encourages others to use it to their advantage.

Dori's dedication to holistic healing and passion for technology make him a valuable member of the BHuman community. We are thrilled to have him as our User of the Week and can't wait to see how his company continues to grow with the help of our AI platform.

User Of The Week: Dori ONeill - Personalization is Powerful

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