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- Generating leads and bringing in traffic is a common problem for businesses in competitive markets.- To re-engage stale leads, businesses should select the best leads to reconnect with based on past communications and perceived lead value.- Businesses should communicate properly by addressing any previous deal breakers and mentioning past conversations.- Offering a gift, utilizing social media, and using personalized videos can help businesses re-engage stale leads effectively.

Generating leads and bringing in traffic might be the most common problem businesses face. In this day and age, most markets are highly competitive, and breaking through the cloud of competitors and gaining a voice for yourself within any market is difficult. This fact on its own is proof that businesses must capitalize on their leads effectively, and any good leads that have been lost for one reason or another are worth a revisit.

How To Re-engage Stale Leads?

1. Select the Best Leads

The first thing to pay attention to once you've decided to re-visit your stale leads is choosing the right leads to re-connect with. Use past communications and perceived lead value to guide you. Some past leads leave an open door when your communication ceases. However, you don't want to contact one that has made sure that the door has been locked and the key has been thrown away.

2. Communicate Properly

Revisit your past conversations to pinpoint what was the deal breaker for this lead. Has this barrier been eliminated? If not, has your offer improved in a way that they might want to reconsider? When you get in touch, make sure you touch on these points. Mentioning past conversations is a good way of showing you've done your work.

3. Consider A Gift To Warm Up Stale Leads

You can offer a guide, an e-book, a free webinar invitation, a discount, etc. Small gifts showing your good will can be a good strategy to re-engage stale leads. In the end, everyone loves freebies, and this could give you a chance to clarify your offer to potential customers.

4. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media can be a great way of communicating with stale leads naturally and building a relationship with them. Make connections with your leads on social media sites that they use actively. Engage with their posts by liking and commenting. You can then send them personal messages to start establishing a connection.

Utilize Personalized Videos With

With our platform's ability to create personalized videos at scale by spending the time and effort it takes to create just one. You can send your stale leads a personalized video checking in with them. You can address them personally and inform them of a new campaign or discount you have. Invite them to schedule a call. Tailor any guides or training you might offer as a gift to them by name. Our AI technology will do the hard work for you, allowing you to personalize your communication efforts even on a massive scale, so that you can provide all of your customers with the care and attention they deserve.

With just a template video and a few minutes to spare, you can send personalized videos to each and everyone of your customers.

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Your Greatest Untapped Sales Source - Stale Leads

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