BHuman Earns AI Software Recognition from Leading B2B Review Platform


BHuman receives prestigious industry award for its cutting-edge AI software, recognized for its powerful features and exceptional performance.

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- BHuman, an AI software company, has received the Rising Star Award from FinancesOnline, a respected software review platform.- The award recognizes BHuman's growing user base and positive customer feedback, as well as its powerful features and exceptional performance.- BHuman's AI software allows users to create personalized videos and clone the voices or faces of individuals, benefiting industries such as ecommerce, HR, finance, sales, and marketing.- The global AI software market is projected to reach $850.62 billion by 2030, and BHuman is becoming a highly sought-after AI software in the industry.

BHuman recently received a renowned industry award from a leading B2B review platform for its cutting-edge performance and product quality.

FinancesOnline, one of the most respected and trustworthy software review platforms today, granted BHuman a Rising Star Award. The accolade exemplifies industry recognition given to business software brands that have gained a growing number of satisfied users and a loyal customer base over the years.

Besides BHuman’s increasing popularity and positive social media mentions, FinancesOnline recognized the solution’s powerful features and exceptional performance as AI software.

 Its software reviewers also conducted an authoritative BHuman review and observed that it hosts robust features to help organizational leaders succeed.  

In their in-depth report, FinancesOnline software experts assessed each of the primary features the platform provides its customers. The review praised its valuable capabilities, including personalized AI videos and cloning functionality.

As an AI software, FinancesOnline highlighted BHuman’s ability to rapidly produce large volumes of customized videos for thousands of clients from one video template. Users can develop the base video by recording or filming a template using a smartphone or webcam. Clients can also choose to upload an old recorded video or use a template created by other users.

Personalized AI videos benefit the ecommerce, hospitality, human resources (HR), finance, sales, and marketing industries. 

For example, ecommerce business owners can send a personalized video when a web visitor abandons a cart. They can also leverage the recommendation engine function as a lead magnet to create an engaging experience that transforms site visitors into buyers.

On the other hand, AI videos can aid HR teams in approaching suitable applicants on various job platforms and encouraging them to apply. Teams can likewise create personalized video messages from management for their employee onboarding to welcome new hires. They can also adopt it to provide custom training videos.

Besides those mentioned, the reviewers acknowledged the platform’s cloning functionality, which enables users to clone the voices or faces of individuals their clients admire. Customers will be happy to watch videos of popular influencers they follow or their favorite artists recommending products, promoting sales, or thanking them for their store purchases.

In the same way, video actors can address consumers directly and obtain their feedback, give appointment reminders or campaign updates, deliver inspirational messages, and send out birthday greetings. Doing so helps companies boost sales, generate leads, and establish customer loyalty.

Now that the number of internet users is reaching billions, it’s no wonder that the demand for AI software is growing. A report projects the global AI software market to reach $850.62 billion by the year 2030, coming from $53.54 billion in 2021. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 41.30%. 

With its dynamic capabilities and features, BHuman is quickly becoming one of businesses' most highly sought-after AI software. All of its notable features are what review platforms search for on their list of top AI software today.

All in all, our team at BHuman would like to give thanks to FinancesOnline for recognizing our dedicated work. Receiving accolades from credible companies such as this motivates us to do our best to deliver cutting-edge AI software. We also thank the loyal teams that entrusted us with their AI software project needs. We look forward to more partnerships with you in the coming years.

BHuman Earns AI Software Recognition from Leading B2B Review Platform

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